5 Jars

September 29, 2019 at 4:15pm

Program #20

After her best friend dies in a freak accident, Joni wakes up to discover that she's turned into a puppet. Now she must figure out how to be a person again.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Brittany Bookbinder

DIRECTOR - Brittany Bookbinder

PRODUCER - Brittany Bookbinder





Brittany Bookbinder

Brittany Bookbinder is a writer, director, actor, and improviser based in Chicago. Her video shorts have been featured on the iO Comedy Network. She has created, produced, and performed in 2 one-woman shows. 5 Jars is Brittany Bookbinder's directorial debut and first foray into longer form filmmaking.

Brittany studied theatre at Northwestern University and the School at Steppenwolf. She trained in improv and comedy writing at the Second City Conservatory and the iO Theatre.