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friday, September 27, 2019 at 8:15pm

Program #7

A crime scene photographer begins to hallucinate horrors as her vision slowly deteriorates towards blindness.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Heather Halstead

DIRECTOR - Heather Halstead

PRODUCER - Heather Halstead and Sarah McCulley


EDITOR - Heather Halstead



Heather Halstead

Heather was born and raised in San Antonio Texas and has been working in independent film since 2009, primarily in the camera department, once photography proved to be too lonely for someone so comically extroverted. She moved from San Antonio to Austin in2011 to be closer to the action, eventually attending the University of Texas at Austin for her MFA in Film Production. A fan of both powerful, intelligent drama, and loud, exciting comic book films, and ashamed to admit neither, her focus is on creatinginteresting stories with compelling characters, regardless of the trappings of the film genre surrounding them. She strives to give life and voice to characters that feel like real people and embody those who have traditionally gone unheard and unnoticed in movies and television.Having an interest in experiencing as much on set as possible, she has worked as a special effects makeup artist, production sound mixer, assistant director, re-recording mixer, and sound designer. When not reveling in all thingsfilm, she can be found camping in the woods fighting pretend zombies with foam swords