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 Dreng / boy

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 at 4:15pm

Program #12

A boy is heading into a new period of his life.
The film reflects that brief moment where his fascination for the opposite sex is born.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Mette Sixhøj

DIRECTOR - Mette Sixhøj






Writer, director, production designer and editor

Mette Sixhøj has known since ground school that she wanted to work with media. She was educated as a film- and tv technician from the danish film institute -filmworkshop in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011. She met her husband on a film set. They got married in 2013 and now they have two kids. Mette works at a production company that makes a lot of different TV shows. Her favorite genre film is musicals.



NC started out his career as Runner on a movie set “det grå guld” by Shaky Gonzales. here he fell in love with the business and have not looked back since. By chance he also found his true love on annother movie set years later where he meet his, now wife, Mette Sixhøj. They started a family and still finds time to producer short movies together in their spare time.


NC has tried many different production roles throughout the years but found his calling as a production manager. And there´s not the production he hasn´t managed — everything from commercials, to kids shows, to game developing.


N.C.´s main focus is on making the pre-production and production run with optimum efficiency. He understands the art of leading the team through production and make sure everyone delivers a 110%. He gets a kick out of seeing everything fall into place, but also to provide the right conditions for all the departments to work together and perform.


He is not afraid of hard work and is always one step ahead — anticipating the next need.”



Jonas approaches cinematography very creatively. He loves the abstract and aims to create an emotion in his audience, rather than telling a straight forward story. He loves the challenge of translating these emotions into pictures.

Often creative opportunities will arise during production and he is the master of seizing those moments as they occur, and use them as a gift.

Jonas has roots ski and portrait film, and therefore knows how to adapt quickly and work under rough and sparse conditions. He´s a true team player and loves making the stories come to life.