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saturday, September 28, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #9

A foot balances precariously on a slick floor. A wheel turns and poses en pointe. They meet and overlap to balance memory and loss, presence with absence.

A foot balances precariously on a slick floor. A wheel turns and poses on pointe. They meet and overlap in our vision, moving away simultaneously as if never there. Innumerable, yet slight iterations edge them towards gritty and resolute perfection. Some moments are easy to grasp, embrace, and memorialize. Others shiver, shift, and elude form. A percussive sole, a guitar chord, a wheel skidding across an unforgiving floor. A pattern evolves as it is reshaped, movements repeated, recreated, revealed.

This short experimental films weaves together footage filmed over the course of a year as choreographer and dancer, Anita Fillmore Kenny, works with dancer Kris Lenzo and musician Jamie Fillmore to craft a short piece that examines the absence of presence, as they meditate on the loss of loved ones and the process by which we come to terms with, and celebrate, an unyielding emotion.

Meet the filmmakers


DIRECTOR - Anuradha Rana

PRODUCER - Anuradha Rana and B. Rich


EDITOR - Kathleen Mullins



Anuradha Rana

Anuradha Rana’s work focuses on ideas of representation, identity, and varied perspectives in a global environment. Her award-winning films have screened internationally and she has produced, directed, and wielded camera on documentaries filmed in India, Ecuador, Japan, South Africa and the USA. She is in production on Language of Opportunity about cultural identity and immigrant aspirations, and Copperdog (working title) which explores the relationship between sled dogs and their mushers in the Upper-Midwest. Anuradha is chair of the documentary program at the School of Cinematic Arts, DePaul University and is also the program coordinator for the Diverse Voices in Docs Fellowship at Kartemquin Films.