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Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #9

Violence against women has many facets, many more "demonstrations", more or less tangible.

But it certainly has a Verification, a Litmus Paper: THE MIRROR.

The mirror, for a battered Woman, is a Friend to confide in 
silence of their own room; or an Enemy with whom to argue and curse for the evil received.

Seeing and remembering the beatings. 
Seeing and feeling the pain. 
Friend, or Enemy, the mirror speaks to us and tells us who we are. With or without Bruising.


The idea comes from a choreography created by Maestra Pamela Arces, which, during an event held at the Teatro Eschilo di Gela, he presented this ballet in 2018.

Struck by the dramatic nature of the "figures", and sometimes movements violent, and sometimes tender, Francesco Longo (author and director) decided to bring these emotions on the screen, creating this video.

A black box , moving container of women's pain.

This is not a Film, or a Documentary, but it is a MANIFESTO, (in English would perhaps be called SPOT) where the few images and steps of dance invite us to reflect, and to understand that among us, someone still suffers. 

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Pamela Arces

DIRECTOR - Francesco Longo






Francesco Longo

Born in GELA, in Sicily (ITALY) in 1967, after diploma he moved to Milan, where he began to study Theater and Theater Direction. 
He collaborates with various Italian producers and directors, with the role of Assistant Director, or Production Coordinator. 
After two years, returning to Sicily, he founded an event and show production company called LFP PROMOTION. 
With this company, we organize theater events, advertising, photos and performance. 
But at the same time, he writes theatrical texts and publishes valuable photographic works. 
Among his theatrical works, they were brought several times on stage: 
THE SEVEN AGAINST TEBE by ESCHILO, completely rewritten in a female version; 
ZAHARA – ESSENCES AND PERFUMES OF SICILY, family history of the past; 
SCACCO ALLA TORRE, historical yellow, set in 1600 during the Spanish domination. 
In 2014 he was appointed Director of TEATRO ESCHILO GELA, where in addition to the artistic programming, teaches History of Ancient and Modern Theater and Improvisation. 
Photographer and videomaker, he has made several nature and historical documentaries.

Art lover, and all its forms, including the dance, it has experimented for the first time in the realization of a Short Film called "ERGO SUM". 
Defined by its own way as a: MANIFESTO AGAINST VIOLENCE on WOMEN.