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 get riel

saturday, September 28, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #9

Elsa Perez, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa under an apartheid government, because of the colour of her skin,she was not able to fully develop as dancer, choreographer and teacher, however after leaving the country of her birth and settling in the UK, she was able to follow her dreams, now aged 82 years old, she is still super fit and still dancing and teaching. Elsa has never forgotten her roots - her greatest desire is to return once more to South Africa to teach the younger generation - the young dancers whom she wants to teach, are the award winning Riel Dancers.(Riel dancing is a very ancient traditional dance born out of ceremonial celebrations).
Themes found in the documentary, are that age is no barrier to being able to learn and teach others no matter how old they are and that it is possible to 'age positively', and have good health far into our senior years, which Elsa has managed to achieve.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Moira Rowan

DIRECTOR - Will Barnard/Moira Rowan

PRODUCER - Moira Rowan





Will Barnard/Moira Rowan

Started making films part time in 2017. Co directed 'Get Riel' with film maker, Will Barnard, in addition wrote the screen play and produced the same documentary.
Currently working on another short film called "Global Dancing'.
I work in the medical field, and have an MSc in Dementia Care Education.