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 hide and seek

friday, September 27th, 2019 at 8:15pm

Program #7

Two girls on a long road trip try to leave a small, nameless town. Ignoring a warning, they take a risky detour and quickly become lost. Frustration turns to terror as they’re abducted by a figure from the darkness. The film rapidly accelerates, culminating in a climactic showdown on a dark road where nothing appears to be as it seems.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Emily Brubaker

DIRECTOR - Emily Brubaker

PRODUCER - Emily Brubaker, Emma Wood


EDITOR - Emily Brubaker


Emily Brubaker

Emily Brubaker is a native and resident of Virginia Beach, VA. She recently graduated from Alma College (2019) in Alma, MI where she majored in New Media Studies with an emphasis on film production. During her time at Alma she produced a number of short films including her most ambitious film project to date, a full narrative production, “Hide and Seek" (2019). While at Alma Emily was the first female president and vice president of the school’s film club, where she led the development of a film production-focused orientation program that is still in practice currently. As an incoming Freshman, she achieved her first professional film credit as script supervisor on the set of “Break My Bones” the 2016 independent, award-winning, short film, cowritten and directed by her mentor at Alma, Anthony Collamati. Emily’s passion for storytelling began when she was a child where she would often create elaborate stories and adventures acted out by her “ensemble” cast of stuffed animals and dolls as the stars. Her journey as a filmmaker really took off in high school where she was accepted at the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. Her first film ever made, an award-winning short called The Spark, truly “sparked” her love for film, and more specifically, writing and directing.