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saturday, September 28, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #9

A woman journeying through grief after being sexually assaulted, comes to find herself again through dance.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Julia van Geldern

DIRECTOR - Manuela Vasquez

PRODUCERS - Nupur Mehrotra, Julia van Geldern

CINEMATOGRAPHER - Jhonny F. Sarmiento




Julia van Geldern - Writer, Producer

Julia van Geldern is an artist from The Netherlands, but has grown up in various African countries. Through expression and story-telling, the basis of her career pursuits as a filmmaker and artistwere formed. She always aims to to unveiland explore the core of the human existencethrough artistic interpretation,whatever form it may be.Whether it be story-telling, workingbehind the camera or being in front of it, she aims to create something beautiful out of human experience.

Manuela Velasquez - Director

Manuela Velasquez is a Colombian race car driver turned filmmaker. Her desire to tell stories through film shone through and propelled her into learning the art of filmmaking, althewhile having a successful race car driving career. Her art incorporates her passion, as her director’s debut on the short film, Dare, encompasses a world where cars are no longer legal. She alsodoes film reviews on some of her favorite cars on her YouTube channel. Manuela puts just as much heart and passion into her work, as she cares and nurtures people, which is a sure reflection in her storytelling. After having lived in LA for a few years, she now lives in Mexico as a newlywed with her wife.

Jhonny F. Sarmiento - Cinematographer

Jhonny F. Sarmiento is a Colombian cinematographer and artist. Having grown up there, he originally graduated with a degree in journalism before moving to Los Angeles to study cinematography. His enthusiasm and ideasshine through during principle photography and pre-production. He is a talent that is able to be spontaneously creative, but also prepare ahead of time, displaying his ethereal and illuminating style to the picture. Ever learning, he continues his studies in filmmaking.

Eevi Rola - Production Designer

Eevi Rola is a Finnish actress and production designer. Her artistic roots go all the way back to her childhood whereby she studied classical music and took part in musical theatre plays. After having achieved a degree in Acting For Film in Los Angeles, she showcases a variety of talents, one ofthem being a production designer. Working both as an actress and a production designer, her colorful yet simplistic choices have led her to become a valuable asset on set among her peers and network