by Maria Rago

Floriano  Rago - 20190226_134434.jpg

Born in Sicily, though now residing in Illinois, USA, Maria Rago was something of a late-comer to the music world –in fact, she only beginning to play the piano at the age of 24at Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali V.Bellini in Caltanissetta, Italy with Lea Cumbo and Eliodoro Sollima. She studied composition at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et Dansein Lyon, Francewith Philippe Schoeller.Despite this, alongside her studies, she voraciously soaked up influences from across the arts: not just musically from the likes of Igor Stravinskyand Frank Zappa, but the paintings of Caravaggio and Picasso and the literary works of Dostoyevskyand Strindberg. Expressing her emotions through music has led to her works being performed around the world, continuing to write and perform music which both challenges, soothes and stimulates the senses. Her works have been performed in festivals and theaters throughout Europe and America, including: Teatro Greco, Palazzolo Acreide (Italy), Teatro Massimo Bellini, Catania (Italy), The Living Theater, New York(Usa), Rapolano Terme(Italy), Festival di Spoleto(Italy), Theatre du Rond Point des Champs Elysees, Paris (France), Theatre Les Ateliers, Lyon (France), Kleiner Konzertsxaal-Gasteig, Munich (Germany), Selcuk Ephesus Festival (Turkey). Recently, her music was performed at the St. Petersburg International New Music Festival, “reMusik” in Russia. She won the Global Music Awards Honors 2019 (bronze medal) for the music Andalusian Women. She won with the American-Brasilian film director Rafael Fernanz an award for Best music video”Voice surrounding the city”, Best music and Best music video Fan Favorite at the Christian Film Festival (Newport News,Usa), an award winner for Best music “Voice surrounding the city” at The American Tracks Music International Contest (Los Angeles,Usa), Semi Finalist at Los Angeles CineFest (Los Angeles,Usa), official selections Best Shorts International Film Festival (LaJolla,Usa), MedFF (Mediterran Film Festival,Syracuse, Italy), Rome Independent Prisma Award (Rome,Italy).

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