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 perfectly unnoticed

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 at 4:15pm

Program #20

How an apparently unimportant object proves his value to a movie’s storyline. 

In Perfectly Unnoticed you won’t see a normal film structure. You’ll only see shots like they are cut out of different movies, to show some of their strengths, to make visible what otherwise will go unnoticed. The underlying feeling is to appreciate the little things, because everything that feels normal, is not noticed by us. Just like the objects in film, they do their job perfectly when you’re not distracted by them. By putting the spotlights on them, I want to show their hidden power. 

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Denice Zwiers

DIRECTOR - Denice Zwiers

PRODUCER - Denice Zwiers





Denice Zwiers

During my study at the Willem de Kooning Academy I have achieve to combine my previous studies in spatial design and audiovisual design to create a focus on production design for film.
With the urge to develop myself further, i’m working on audiovisual productions and in the art department for film and television productions.
During my research I developed an interest about providing subtext in unnoticed production design what has led to this film.