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 pie car

friday, September 27, 2019 at 6:15pm

Program #5

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Debby Hall

DIRECTOR - Sage Hall

PRODUCERS - Grady Reinagle , Debby Hall, Drew Deininger


EDITOR - Sage Hall



Sage Hall studied acting at The Strasberg Institute.

She is the president of StarFruit Productions which

also creates corporate and commercial video content.

Her first short film "Candy" was featured in a showcase

at the SAG Foundation in NYC, the Lady's Filmmaker Festival

and traveled with the Viscera Film Festival among others.

She won a Telly for her Silent Film "Saltimbanco" .

Debby Hall Bio

Debby Hall recently retired form the medical field. She is now able to spend her time writing and painting,which she tells stories through both mediums. She sees a story in everyday life, just add a bit of this and that and anything can come alive.

Pie Car gave her the opportunity to work with her daughter , Sage Hall, at Starfruitproductions, to bring a rich blend of characters to the screen, and yes they still love each other.

Living in Sarasota Florida for the last twenty years, she realized the circus, and the people are family. Hence, Pie Car came about, with a twist.

Debby has also written for other short films, The Couch, and Valet 2. She also has two screen plays ready to go, along with her novel.

Grady Reinagle -

Grady's music has been featured on HBOís Summer Heights High,works

with Alternative Hip Hop Artists Myka 9, Prince Po and Ceschi.

As well as Compositions for Traveling Shows Circus Vargas and Paranormal Cirque.

Grady has won Telly's for his Cinematography and Music.