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saturday, September 28, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #9

A poem awakens the Queen inside the heart of a beloved woman.

A woman is floating through stars, asleep to her real nature. She starts waking up, she is coming to a realization of who she is, a Queen. She has realized the divine nature of her feminity. She is in her power. She breathes and closes her arms as she dives back deep into herself, deep into the waters of her emotion.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Ilina Perianova, Marianna Perianova aka Yagama and Anna Dmitrieva

DIRECTOR - Ilina Perianova and Marianna Perianova aka Yagama

PRODUCER - Marianna Perianova aka Yagama

CINEMATOGRAPHER - Angel Balakchiysky




Ilina Perianova and Yagama aka Marianna Perianova

Ilina Perianova and Yagama aka Marianna Perianova are a creative sister tandem from Bulgaria working together since 2009. They share values and an artistic vision, combining their perspectives and life experiences to create striking, multilayered works. Ilina's experience with actors and a solid formal education in film and drama combined with Yagama's unusual visual aesthetic and background in the art and music scene inspire them to tackle the convergence of the social and the personal in an original way. The duo's latest films are award winning "Eat Me!" and "Snowgirl" shorts, both directed by Ilina and produced by both. They are also co-founders of the Uga Buga Art production house.