Regina Melzer - SottoVoccePoster 2.jpg

 sotto vocce

Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 4:15pm

Program #20

Logline: Caroline is finding her voice....if her boss Ingrid can listen.

Synopsis: A modern, female take on the Odd Couple, snobby boss-lady, Ingrid, finds herself perpetually annoyed by the quirks and idiosyncrasies of her people-pleasing assistant, Caroline.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Jette Newell

DIRECTOR - Regina Melzer

PRODUCER - Regina Melter and Jette Newell

CINEMATOGRAPHER - Zachary Brantley

EDITOR - Regina Melzer


 Regina & Jette’s Bio:

Two Nor-Cal gals, Jette born in Berkeley and raised in Marin county and Regina hailing from San Francisco “PROPER!!” (that’s right born and raised in the actual city), and both UC kids, met in an acting class and eventually made the leap to LA within one year of eachother to further their acting careers in Hollywood. Fortunate to be up and coming in this miraculous technological age where the artist is more empowered now than ever before both Jette and Regina have taken initiative in creating their own content. Since calling lalaland home Jette has become a recipient of the Apulia Film Commission Screenwriting in Residency program, is currently in Writing Lab at The Groundlings and has a feature film project in the pipelines with her husband Nic Sheff (writer 13 Reasons Whyand best-selling book for which Beautiful Boy was based). While Jette was plugging away, Regina became what she calls a “forced-filmmaker” by her second round advancement in the 2018 AT&T Create-a-thon, a recipient of the Lady Filmmakers Script2Screen program, and currently is enrolled in Intermediate after passing her first go-around in Basic at The Groundlings. 

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps? More like “hey, when I find a boot strap I’ll diy attach it to the piece of straw currently laced in my boots and you can borrow it too!”, that’s right, this is a friendship where these ladies lift one another up! For years they always wanted to work together and began with dappling in filming sketches but wanted to create more character and relationship based stories which, with brainstorming and laughter, culminated in Sotto Vocce, their first short film!