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 The fix

sunday, September 29, 2019 at 2:15pm

Program #19

To say Girl is down on her luck is an understatement. She struggles with debt, health, career, her landlord, and hasn't had a hot shower in two months. She cannot catch a break... until she does. And what she does with it is a sad and relevant commentary about how women see themselves.

Meet the filmmakers

WRITER - Megan Heyn

DIRECTOR - Laura Covelli

PRODUCER - Megan Heyn





Laura Covelli

Trained as an actor at The Actors Center in NY; in clown with the amazing Jane Nichols, and with Pierre Dulaine for Ballroom Dance, Laura loves all forms of artistic expression. Seeking partnerships, projects and material that is provocative, innovative and charged, Laura strives to build connections and compassion by way of thoughtful storytelling. She has two original comedic screenplays in development, and has co-penned two original tv series. She is a co-artistic director of Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble since 2013, co-directing their last show, Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny, which was nominated for nine (and won 3) Stage Raw Awards in 2018.