TRINIDAD by Kathleen H Gardner



KATHLEEN GARDNER has worked as a Vice President for one of the world’s largest business travel, meetings and events companies for twenty years. Having an entrepreneur spirit, she opened her own successful travel business for ten years.

After retiring, her passion for creative writing manifested while volunteering at Gilda’s Club. She facilitated a poetry group for cancer patients.

She attended creative writing classes at community college and the Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Without a formal education, Kathleen has always found a way to flourish. She has written many poems, short stories, and three screenplays, while she hasn’t been published she has submitted her current screenplay “Trinidad” to professional script readers and a television director receiving positive reviews.

She is also a painter and an avid golfer. Her work has been on exhibit at local art festivals.

Her writing reflects her childhood experiences living in a very dysfunctional environment. Her family is plagued with addiction and abuse. She indulges in dark humor to demonstrate to the audience the element of laughter and the healing power to endure life’s challenges.

SYNOPSIS: JULIE OLSEN is an uptight, self-centered executive at a prominent cosmetic company in Manhattan. She is about to launch a revolutionary skin care product when she receives a call that her mother has died. While she attends the funeral in her hometown in Pennsylvania she is forced to encounter her estranged family, and for the first time meets her transgender niece, MELANIE. Her father, GEORGE, seems confused, and oblivious to those around him. NICK, her brother, who is rough on the edges shows a sensitivity that Julie has never seen before.

Soon after the funeral, Julie becomes entangled in circumstances involving her niece being violently attacked. Julie googles transgender, and discovers the town of Trinidad, Colorado advertised as the transgender capital of the United States.

When Julie returns to her office, her boss and lover RICHARD informs her that his wife has become suspicious of their affair, and her job is at risk. He demands her to lay low until he has time to rectify the situation.

Soon after Nick, George and Melanie show up in New York. They plead to stay with her for a while. Apparently, Nick, beat up a boy trying to assault Melanie, and the cops are looking for him.

Julie realizes that her life is unraveling, so she reluctantly agrees. She feels threatened by Richard’s wife CAROLINE, and if she stays, her job may be in jeopardy. She convinces her brother that the best idea for all of them is to escape for a while and take a road trip to Trinidad, Colorado. Although, her goal is to leave them there and return to New York and resume her career.



JULIE OLSEN - A self-centered, successful woman with a mysterious background. Her greatest power lies in her work, and her beauty. She shows no sense of humor or empathy.

Unscrupulous in her love life. But, when her job is in jeopardy, and her mother suddenly passes away, her world changes forever. It’s the perfect storm. She possesses a great strength until she is forced to come face to face with her estranged family. Her emotional detachment is altered when she is introduced to her transgender niece. Her humanity is tested.


NICK OLSEN - A man in his forties who is his dad’s caregiver. When the situation demands, he can be ruthless, but underneath he has a sensitive side especially with his daughter’s daily challenges of being a transgender. Grows marijuana A bit of a pot head. Raw intelligence. Just trying to survive in a small dying steel town. Handsome in a rugged way.


GEORGE OLSEN - Cantankerous man in his eighties. Worked in the steel mills his entire adult life. Always been a borderline alcoholic, and could be abusive in the past with his wife and kids.

Now he just gets miserably drunk every night, chews tobacco. Dresses in sloppy clothes. Early stages of dementia. No self-control, but he is an enigma when he shows tender moments with his grand-daughter.


MELANIE OLSEN - Born as a male, but identifies as a female. She doesn’t have the delicate features of a girl in her twenties, so she applies a heavy amount of make-up to camouflage the hair on her face. She also wears a blond wig. She doesn’t always have control over her emotions, and at times it appears she doesn’t know right from wrong. She is the victim of physical harm and bullying from her peers.


RICHARD JENKINS - He’s Julie’s boss, and lover. A distinguished man in his fifties, but embraces his forties. Arrogant. Used to getting his own way. Successful by default. Married a woman who inherited a large family business. He lacks compassion. He’s a jerk and a coward.


CAROLINE JENKINS - Stylish woman in her fifties. Elegant and sophisticated. When she feels betrayed she becomes ferocious, but she has a vulnerable side that makes her likeable. She is accustomed to an affluent lifestyle, and is not willing to give it up to anyone.


ADAM - He’s tall, thin, and lanky, but at ease with his physical stature. Soft features. He is very loyal and professional. Comfortable even in awkward situations. Is a natural at being an assistant to an executive like Julie.


ALEJANDRO - A very handsome hispanic-american male. Widower. Successful in business.

Retired in his late forties. Opens a Bed & Breakfast in a small town. A graceful host to Julie and her family when they arrive in Trinidad.


TYRA - Statuesque with bronze colored flawless skin. Talks tough, but has a big heart. Low throaty voice. Enjoys dressing in colorful kimonos with tight fitted leggings. She runs a clinic to offer support to transgenders going through their transition. Very witty, charming & intelligent.