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sunday, September 29, 2019 at 4:15pm


An original comedy series, Vagina Town follows Jenny Walker, a single, 40 year-old physician assistant at an OBGYN clinic as she balances her life in women's health with dating in a male dominant society. 

Jenny is a physicians assistant working for Katherine who is a doctor at an all female clinic minus one male manager, Dr. Radovick. Jenny is 40 and single with no kids. After years of practice in women’s health she is starting to wrestle with the idea of motherhood. Katherine, her boss and best friend, is married with two children and experiencing the challenges of balancing work, family and a marriage. Katherine can see Jenny’s struggle and deep down knows she needs to at least try to have a child before it’s too late.

Dr. Radovick, who is really a doctor of medical administration, not a real doctor, provides comedic relief as he tries and fails to understand a woman’s world. Truth is stranger than fiction and daily life in the clinic provides challenges and real life human issues that Jenny and Katherine navigate together while self-medicating and confiding in each other to stay sane. 

Meet the filmmakers

WRITERS - Kathleen Anneke, Jonathan Conti

DIRECTOR - Jonathan Conti

PRODUCERS - Kathleen Anneke, Chad Case





Jonathan Conti

Jonathan Conti is an award winning videographer, director, writer, and editor from Boise Idaho. Jon is the head of video production at Chad Case Photo Video since 2014. Since then Jon has done work in multiple countries including France, Mexico and Chile. He has a Bachelor's degree in Cinematography and has also worked on multiple independent film's in multiple different facets.