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SUNDAY, September 29, 2019 at 12:15pm

Program #17

An animated short film about a suitcase who wants to go out and explore beautiful Paris, but is trapped inside with his workaholic owner. This is a charming musical with explorations in unique textures.

Meet the filmmakers


DIRECTOR - Angelique K Smith and Regina K Cicone

PRODUCER - Ringling College of Art and Design





Angelique K Smith and Regina K Cicone

We have both graduated this May with BFA's in Computer Animation, with honors, from Ringling College of Art and Design. Our film, Wanderlust, made it into the Best of Ringling awards, and we’ve enjoyed creating this piece about seeing the world! 

My name is Regina Cicone. I am 22 and from Perry Hall, Maryland. Growing up in a house full of artists and musicians, I always knew I could go into the arts but I didn’t want to give up my passion for math. As an artist, I also desired to create something approachable and unpretentious. With Computer Animation I saw the possibility to combine computer science and art while also making media for everyone to enjoy. Going into the Computer Animation program at Ringling College, I was challenged to push myself to go the extra mile. My four years there have been an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing to grow as I go into the industry. After graduation, I am working at Neighbor Animation in Minneapolis, where I interned in the summer of 2018.

My name is Kat Smith, and I’m from Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m 24, and I’ve graduated with a minor in Art History. I’ve loved making things for people since I was young. I enjoy problem solving and understanding technical processes, and love using these skills to help fulfill an artistic vision. I am very thankful for my instructors and family at Ringling, where I have learned how to plan and fulfill ideas from start to finish, how to work individually and in a team, and how incredible the field of animation is. Over the summer, I will be working at Neighbor Animation as a CG Intern. Additionally, I will be volunteering as a Team Leader at the 2019 SIGGRAPH America conference, which will be my third time helping out at the conference.